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Antony Gormley
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Antony Gormley, Bodies in Space I
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Antony Gormley, Capacitor
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ERVIN SCHULHOFF [In Futurum (Zeitmaß-zeitlos) from Fünf Pittresken, 1919)

This is one of the Erwin Schulhoff’s Dadaism works. He composed many jazz-inspired piano works but soon after WWI, he wrote some dadaism-inspired works like ‘Sonata Erotica’. In This work, All notes are written as rest notes! The others consist of the score are some faces, ! ,and ?. More than 30 years before John Cage’s “4:33”, he wrote “Music Without Sound”. Part of the [score]:

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Buster Keaton holding an umbrella in Steamboat Bill, Jr (1928)
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Throbbing Gristle by Sian Pattenden
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